7.5 / 10.0

Touch Brewer T214B Coffee maker

With the Touch single-serve coffee maker, you get: a removable reservoir. a height-adjustable drip tray. An auto-off feature is included. It uses K-cups.

Ratings Breakdown

At our testing facility, we reviewed Touch Brewer T214B Coffee maker as part of our Coffee machines review program. The criteria below were used to evaluate Drip coffee makers like this one in our lab tests.


Convenience Score

Based on the ease with which an appliance can be used, refilled with water, and cleaned after use, we give it this rating.


Taste Score

Based on expert judgments, using brew volumes of 5 to 6 ounces and Colombian coffee where available for a specific machine. Depending on which pod or capsule you select, the brewing process may be altered, although some machines let you use more or less water for a weaker or stronger cup.


Brewing Range Score

Utilizing controls for varying the amounts of water and number of beverage packets, this rating reflects the ability to produce weak to strong brews.


Size Consistency Score

This rating gives a size comparison between the second cup and the first cup. Size consistency ratings are scored out of 5.


Temparature Consistency Score

Temperature deviation between the second cup and the first is reflected in this rating.


Repeat Speed Score

This rating gives an assessment of ease of filling up the reservoir, placing the filter in place, judging the amount of coffee left, and the clean up process. This grade also reflects how well organized and the clarity of the controls were.


First Cut Speed Score

This rating gives you an idea of how fast the machine makes the first cup of coffee. Including the time to warm any internal water reservoir from room temperature is included.


Owner Satisfaction Score

A brand owner’s satisfaction rating is based on the proportion of owners who would highly recommend their automatic drip coffee maker to a friend or family member.


Product Reliability Score

Brand Reliability Predictions are based on estimates of the number of coffee makers that will experience problems in the first four years after purchase, not covered by an extended warranty or service contract.


After delivering the first cup, subsequent cups arrived quickly.
-Temperatures were consistent across multiple cups.
-A consistent amount of coffee was dispensed between multiple cups.
-Slightly easy to operate, refill, and clean.


The model’s performance was flawless.

In-Depth Review

Our coffee-machine experts rate this single-serve machine Very Good in terms of convenience. It’s a good choice for the office or anywhere that selection and speed are important.

Testing products is a decision we make on our own. We only test products that we buy at a retail store and never accept payments from manufacturers. When a product meets our strict criteria, it gains the “Recommended” label. Touch Brewer T214B Coffee maker dis not pass our lab test and for that reason we cannot recommend it.


Two Pods

Using two pods at once reflects the machine’s ability to work with two pods or other capsules at a time to make a stronger or larger cup of coffee.

Average Temparature

As reported by our review experts, the average temperature for Touch Brewer T214B Coffee maker comes out to be 185°F. Measurements are accurate to the nearest 5 °F for average coffee temperatures.

Maximum Height

Generally measured from the base of the mug to just beneath the spout, this is the maximum height that a mug can get. Maximum height of Touch Brewer T214B Coffee maker, as reported by our experts, comes out to be 7.25 inches.


The measurements of Touch Brewer T214B Coffee maker are as follows:

Height x Breadth x Depth – 14 x 9 x 13 inches

These measurements are rounded up to the next whole inch. The height, width, and depth of the coffee maker are in inches.

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