4.4 / 10.0

Proctor-Silex Single Serve 49961 Coffee maker

The Proctor-Silex 10 oz to-go coffee maker comes with an auto-shutoff and a permanent filter, as well as a measured capacity of 12 oz. for use with K-Cups.

Ratings Breakdown

At our testing facility, we reviewed the Proctor-Silex Single Serve 49961 Coffee maker as part of our Coffee machines review program. The criteria below were used to evaluate Drip coffee makers like this one in our lab tests.


Carafe Handling Score

Models without a score in this category are those that brew into single cups or are self-serve models. In the second case, the coffee is in a tank, and the cup is filled by pressing against the dispenser lever. Each is evaluated on a range of things, including comfort, tendency to drip while pouring, balance, and ease of emptying the last liquid.


Convinience Score

Based on the ease with which an appliance can be used, refilled with water, and cleaned after use, we give it this rating.


Brewing Performance Score

This rating is indicative of whether the coffee’s concentration can be achieved as well as the ability to reach the optimal temperature for optimal brewing. The ideal water temperature for optimal brewing is between 195° and 205° F for five to six minutes.


Owner Satisfaction Score

A brand owner’s satisfaction rating is based on the proportion of owners who would highly recommend their automatic drip coffee maker to a friend or family member.


Product Reliability Score

Brand Reliability Predictions are based on estimates of the number of coffee makers that will experience problems in the first four years after purchase, not covered by an extended warranty or service contract.


There were no standouts in terms of features in this model.


It fell short of recommended guidelines for brewing temperature and duration.
To test coffee makers, we brewed a full pot using a filter filled almost to the top, as some consumers might do.
In this test, the machine sometimes overflowed.
According to our assessments of setup, operation, and cleanup, this item is not very convenient to use.

In-Depth Review

Despite being inexpensive, this single-serve drip machine has little to recommend it. For starters, it cannot maintain optimal temperatures long enough for efficient brewing. Despite its simplicity, the machine isn’t particularly easy to use, and our testers gave it a below-average Fair rating for convenience. In summary, buyers can find better models for a similar price.

The products we test are always chosen by us, we buy them at retail and we never accept any payment from manufacturers to test or rate their products. If a product meets our criteria, it receives a “Recommended” rating. Proctor-Silex Single Serve 49961 Coffee maker meets our standards which is why we are happy to recommend this product.


Brew Strength

This machine does not have the brew-strength control feature. Machines with this feature allow you to adjust the brewing time to make stronger or weaker coffee.

Small Batch

The Proctor-Silex Single Serve 49961 Coffee maker does not have a small batch setting that calims to let you make a partial pot without affecting coffee quality.


A thermal carafe is not included with this Proctor-Silex Single Serve 49961 Coffee maker.


Proctor-Silex Single Serve 49961 Coffee maker lacks any programmable features, this means it does not have a clock that can be set to brew at a preset time.

Brew Time

According to the manufacturer, the brewing process takes between 3. Using 40 ounces of water in those coffeemakers that make 8- 14 cups of coffee, we measure the time needed to brew a pot of coffee in its regular cycle. In those models that make one or two mugs of coffee, we measure the time needed using 10 ounces of water.


The measurements of Proctor-Silex Single Serve 49961 Coffee maker are as follows:

Height x Breadth x Depth – 11 x 6 x 10 inches.

These measurements are rounded to the next whole inch. Height, width, and depth of the coffee maker are in inches.These measurements are rounded up to the next whole inch. The height, width, and depth of the coffee maker are in inches.All dimensions are in inches; height, width, and depth are rounded to the nearest half-inch.

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