Red Rooster Coffee Roaster

Wush Wush


Coffee Type: Best Value

Region: Africa/Arabia

Roast: Light

Agtron: 69

Taste Descriptors

Aroma 90.0%
Acidity 90.0%
Body 90.0%
Flavor 90.0%
Aftertaste 90.0%
$20.99/12 ounces

Table of Contents

First Impressions

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster’s Wush Wush, with an Agtron reading of 69, is a mild coffee, noted for its lack of oil on the surface of the coffee beans. It has a lighter body than an Espresso Roast or French roast, with more acidity, a bit of a floral flavor, and no bitterness.

Deep Dive

The processing method involved in the production of Wush Wush is the Wet-hulled coffee process. This coffee’s unique flavor profile is recognizable from the first sip which is what makes Red Rooster Coffee Roaster’s Wush Wush the perfect choice.
Wush Wush is a well-established brand when it comes to coffee. Their operations are based in Floyd, Virginia but they source their coffee beans from Sidama growing region, southern Ethiopia to produce Wush Wush. If you want more information regarding the roasters, you can get in with them by contacting them on 540-745-7338 or by visiting their website NA.

Closing Thoughts

This coffee has been grown, harvested, dried, and packaged by professionals. The coffee beans are perfectly roasted and ground for an outstanding flavor.

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