Portland Roasting

Papua New Guinea Peaberry Madan Estate


Coffee Type: NA

Region: NA

Roast: Medium

Agtron: 59

Taste Descriptors

Aroma 80.0%
Acidity 40.0%
Body 80.0%
Flavor 80.0%
Aftertaste 80.0%

Table of Contents

First Impressions

Portland Roasting’s Papua New Guinea Peaberry Madan Estate features medium roasts that are darker than light roasts, they get an Agtron reading of 59 which accurately confirms the roast level. However, it does not have the oil on the surface of the beans that many dark roasts do. Instead of delicate flavors, a medium roast has a balanced flavor between dark and light roasts.

Deep Dive

Papua New Guinea Peaberry Madan Estate coffee is sourced from Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea, where the coffee beans are roasted carefully in order to produce some of the best coffee beans you can find on the market. The team behind Portland Roasting also features roasters who have a lot of experience and are very passionate about coffee, which reflects in the quality of the beans. To know more about Portland Roasting you can call them on their number 800-949-3898 or visit their website www.portlandroasting.com.

Closing Thoughts

This coffee has an exceptional flavor profile with a distinctive aroma. The acidity in this coffee is slightly imbalanced. For some, this may be appreciated. However, it may be objectionable to others.

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