modcup coffee

Panama Elida Estate Washed


Coffee Type: Single Farm

Region: Central America

Roast: Medium-Light

Agtron: 60

Taste Descriptors

Aroma 90.0%
Acidity 90.0%
Body 90.0%
Flavor 100.0%
Aftertaste 90.0%
$60.00/150 grams

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First Impressions

With an Agtron reading of 60, modcup coffee’s Panama Elida Estate Washed carefully produces a medium-light roast that balances dark and light, smoky and bright flavors in a subtle, medium-bodied cup. There’s no oily sheen on the surface of a properly roasted medium roast, which gives it a different mouth feel from a dark roast.
Coffees similar to Panama Elida Estate Washed are what is known as Single Farm which essentially is a term used to describe coffee that is produced by one single farmer, mill, or co-operative. By virtue of its origins, it allows the consumer to track down the source of the bean.

Deep Dive

Made using the finest beans from Central America, modcup coffee’s Panama Elida Estate Washed coffee provides moderate to high acidity levels with prominent notes of fruits, medium-to-dark chocolate, honey, and nuts to create the ultimate Central-American coffee experience.
What makes modcup coffee’s Panama Elida Estate Washed different from other products is the fact that it was produced using. Geisha trees are handpicked by local farmers and have to go through meticulous quality control. The leaves on the Geisha are smaller and lighter than other varietals, which means that each tree yields less coffee which in turn increases the demand as well as the price for these goods.
What makes modcup coffee’s Panama Elida Estate Washed taste profile stand out from other similar products is the production method involved which is known as Wet Hulled Coffee Processing Method. What’s great about this coffee production method is that it enhances the body and reduces acidity.
modcup coffee is a focused roaster dedicated to sourcing and roasting only the freshest, most distinctive natural-processed coffees. Panama Elida Estate Washed coffee is sourced from Boquete growing region, western Panama, where the coffee beans are roasted carefully in order to produce some of the best coffee beans you can find on the market. The team behind modcup coffee also features roasters who have a lot of experience and are very passionate about coffee, which reflects in the quality of the beans. To know more about modcup coffee you can visit their website

Closing Thoughts

A solid rating for a coffee that sips smooth like butter. Everything about this blend is masterfully done and renowned by coffee connoisseurs all over the world. This is a coffee you can trust.

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