La Bean Coffee

Bali Blue Moon


Coffee Type: Organic

Region: Asia/Pacific

Roast: Medium-Dark

Agtron: 49

Taste Descriptors

Aroma 80.0%
Acidity 70.0%
Body 80.0%
Flavor 80.0%
Aftertaste 70.0%

Table of Contents

First Impressions

Originating from Bali, La Bean Coffee’s Bali Blue Moon medium-dark coffee is a brew that you’ll want to savor. With an Agtron reading of 49, Its surface is slightly oily in appearance and taste, but it doesn’t leave dark sediment at the bottom of your cup as dark roasts do. If you prefer fuller-bodied flavors with a slightly bitter aftertaste, you’ll appreciate this medium-dark roast coffee.
Organic coffee is generally grown without the use of pesticides or genetically modified organisms. The popularity of organic coffee has increased significantly in recent years and no wonder. There is evidence that organic coffee has a higher content of antioxidants which help with digestion, lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer, and regulating blood pressure. Organic coffee tastes better and is healthier than conventional coffee. If you’re someone who enjoys healthy choices, why not give Bali Blue Moon a try?

Deep Dive

Coffees like La Bean Coffee’s Bali Blue Moon sourced from Asia are much less acidic than those found in African or South American countries. Bali Blue Moon beans are full-bodied and have a dark roast that can give them a flavor like no other. During our tasting report, we noticed a rich creamy taste with an earthy feel to it. Prominent notes of dark chocolate and spices.
Bali Blue Moon is a well-established brand when it comes to coffee. Their operations are based in Summitville, New York but they source their coffee beans from Bali to produce Bali Blue Moon. If you want more information regarding the roasters, you can get in with them by contacting them on 845-647-1500 or by visiting their website

Closing Thoughts

Featuring clean flavors and a subtle sweetness, this coffee is a solid choice with a few mild flaws.

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