Green Mountain Coffee

Ethiopian Shanta Golba Natural Sidamo


Coffee Type: NA

Region: Africa/Arabia

Roast: NA

Agtron: NA

Taste Descriptors

Aroma 70.0%
Acidity 50.0%
Body 80.0%
Flavor 70.0%
Aftertaste 80.0%

Table of Contents

First Impressions

Deep Dive

Green Mountain Coffee, a brand that lets you relish the magic of your favorite cup of coffee at a reasonable price. Their beans are sourced from Sidamo Province, southern Ethiopia., where they are roasted carefully to produce some of the best coffee beans you can find on the market. Their work with a team that includes experienced roasters that are passionate about producing the best coffee for their customers, so it’s no surprise that the quality of our beans is amazing! You can call them on their number 888-879-4627 or visit their website for more information.

Closing Thoughts

This coffee is a solid choice. Flavors are clean. Has a few mild flaws, but still drinkable.

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