Coava Coffee Roasters

Kochere Yirga Cheffe Espresso


Coffee Type: Espresso

Region: Africa/Arabia

Roast: Medium

Agtron: 60

Taste Descriptors

Aroma 80.0%
Acidity 60.0%
Body 80.0%
Flavor 90.0%
Aftertaste 80.0%
$23.00/500 grams (17.6 oz.)

Table of Contents

First Impressions

Coava Coffee Roasters’s Kochere Yirga Cheffe Espresso features medium roasts that are darker than light roasts, they get an Agtron reading of 60 which accurately confirms the roast level. However, it does not have the oil on the surface of the beans that many dark roasts do. Instead of delicate flavors, a medium roast has a balanced flavor between dark and light roasts.

Deep Dive

What makes Coava Coffee Roasters’s Kochere Yirga Cheffe Espresso taste profile stand out from other similar products is the production method involved which is known as Wet Hulled Coffee Processing Method. What’s great about this coffee production method is that it enhances the body and reduces acidity.
Kochere Yirga Cheffe Espresso is a well-established brand when it comes to coffee. Their operations are based in Portland, Oregon but they source their coffee beans from Yirgacheffe growing region, southern Ethiopia. to produce Kochere Yirga Cheffe Espresso. If you want more information regarding the roasters, you can get in with them by contacting them on 503-894-8134 or by visiting their website

Closing Thoughts

This product is one of the highest-rated coffees on our list and with good reason. Every nuance of flavor is masterfully done, from the delicate notes to the rich flavors. This blend can be trusted.

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