Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Panama Finca Los Lajones Natural


Coffee Type: Single Farm

Region: Central America

Roast: Light

Agtron: 75

Taste Descriptors

Aroma 90.0%
Acidity 90.0%
Body 90.0%
Flavor 90.0%
Aftertaste 80.0%
$29.00/12 ounces

Table of Contents

First Impressions

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters’s Panama Finca Los Lajones Natural Lightly roasted coffee beans with an Agtron number 75 have less oil on the surface and a lighter color than medium or dark roasts. The taste is often described as bright and crisp, with a mellow body.
Single Farm Coffee such as Panama Finca Los Lajones Natural is made with coffee beans from a single location. It allows the consumer to have a direct connection to the farmer and provenance information.

Deep Dive

Made using the finest beans from Central America, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters’s Panama Finca Los Lajones Natural coffee provides moderate to high acidity levels with prominent notes of fruits, medium-to-dark chocolate, honey, and nuts to create the ultimate Central-American coffee experience.
Catuai is a rare coffee bean with an earthy, fruity flavor. By adding just a few roasted Catuai beans to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters’s Panama Finca Los Lajones Natural you can achieve a memorable dark brew unlike any other.
Natural processing also called the dry method is the method involved in Bird Rock Coffee Roasters’s Panama Finca Los Lajones Natural manufacturing process. It is one of the oldest methods of processing coffee. They are spread out thinly on the trees to dry after they are picked from the coffee trees. Different farms or regions may utilize a variety of drying stations, some using brick patios, others specially designed raised beds as they enable air to circulate around the cherries. In order to prevent microorganisms from growing on the cherries, they are turned regularly. Once the cherries are completely dried out, the skin and dried fruit flesh are removed mechanically from the coffee before it is exported.
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, a brand that lets you relish the magic of your favorite cup of coffee at a reasonable price. Their beans are sourced from Boquete growing region, Panama, where they are roasted carefully to produce some of the best coffee beans you can find on the market. Their work with a team that includes experienced roasters that are passionate about producing the best coffee for their customers, so it’s no surprise that the quality of our beans is amazing! You can call them on their number 858-551-1707 or visit their website for more information.

Closing Thoughts

This product is one of the highest-rated coffees on our list and with good reason. Every nuance of flavor is masterfully done, from the delicate notes to the rich flavors. This blend can be trusted.

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